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Hava Edery



I started creating glass beads when I moved to Seattle and I have been a happy artist ever since. I studied bead making at the Pratt fine art center in Seattle and took some workshops with famous artists such as Larry Scott, Michael Barley, Claudia Trimbure-Pagel.

I enjoy creating the beads and I enjoy designing jewelry and accessories using my beads. Now I'm back in Israel, my home land.

All of the glass beads in my collection of jewlery and accessories were hand made by me. I use glass rods and a torch and all the beads are kiln-annealed at a controlled rate to give them maximum durability and strength. Each bead is unique and each piece of jewelry I make is one of a kind.

Most of my jewelry are made of sterling silver or gold-filled metals.

The art world makes me happy, interests me and fills me with joy. The biggest joy of all is to see someone wearing my jewelry or enjoy my creation.

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